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May 23, 2016 at 04:57 PM

How to turn on BI Data Usage Statistics?



we have a requirement to turn on the BI Data Usage Statistics, meaning Client wants to see on what Filter Values their users are querying. It doesn't seem that this is anything any Setting in T-Code RSDDSTAT can influence. I guess concept is like that data is to be written in table RSDDSTATDATAUSE, but how can this process be switched on?

This is what else we have tried already:

1) Use Parameter STATDATAUSEAGE = X on particular user in SU01: Doesn't help

2) There is a Setting in SPRO called "Settings for Selection Statistics". Maintaining the relevant InfoProviders doesn't help as well.

3) Technically it seems that class CL_RSDD_STATDATAUSAGE needs to be called in order to write data to that table mentioned above, but it's never been called during query execution.

System Release is BW 7.4 SPS13.