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May 23, 2016 at 01:13 PM

Confusion with data display in the Min,Max,Median columns(under value) in data Profiling in SAP BOIS


Hi All

I was trying out the "Column profiling" option in the SAP-BOIS tool. There is a field called "LANDX" with the unique country name values as shown below:-

Sample values under the LANDX column:-

The Min, Max,Median value displayed by the Infosteward tool:

I am confused 😕😕 Why the value "Germany" is displayed as low value, why "Libya" the median,and "Zimbabwe" as the high?I mean with other numeric value fields the logic was straightforward, but i am confused in case of such string values. Please help me in clarifying the confusion😔


Landx column.png (24.3 kB)
infodoubt3.png (43.0 kB)