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May 23, 2016 at 01:16 PM

update ALV-grid from results of parallel processing



i am facing the following Problem: I have an application which selects, displays and edit data in several ALV-grids (dynpo with custom Container). Due to the amount of data we split up the whole process of selection into a "main" and one parallel process. The "main" process selects only a part of the data and displays them quickly. From this time on the user can work within the "cockpit" and edit/ Change data, start other Transactions and so on. Parallel the second process selects all needed data. And now the Problem begins. I want to update the displayed ALV-grids with the selected data from the parallel process, but i find no way to "tell" the dynpro that new data arrived and the grid should be refreshed. In the receiving module of the parallel process all commands influencing the dynpro logic or even the Screen are forbidden. Triggering an event (user command) shows the same result. AND using a time Trigger to check frequently if data has been changed doesn't work too as the timer takes over the control of the dynpro for the time of working which leads to confusion at the users when they are editing/ changing data in that Moment.

Did anyone faced the same or similiar Situation and found a solution or does anyone have an idea what might solve my Problem?