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May 23, 2016 at 12:27 PM

CRM-ERP Connectivity & data transfer


Guys I need a bit more help/guidance with this.

Both the SAP CRM ehp2 and SAP ECC 6 ERP Systems are IDES systems that I am using as sandbox systems to learn CRM-ERP configuration/customization setup.

In a previus question Ravi Katyal was kind enough to send me a link for Best Practice Guides for CRM. From the list I download document C71 for CRM Connectivity. I carried out all of the steps in the document (and double checked them!).

The logical connections, rfcusers and rfc connections have all been setup, the rfc connections have been tested so connectivity is working fine. The relevant table entries in SAP ECC were made. In the CRM system I also defined an OLTP site, and created subscriptions, with publications assigned (eg All Business Partners, All Business Partner Relationships, all Business Transactions, All, Business Partner Hierarchies, Material, Services... plus others etc).

To test if the CRM Middleware was able to update the target ERP system in the background, I created a Sales Order in the SAP CRM system (through CRM WebClient UI). However when I ran transaction VA03 in the SAP ERP system I found the Sales Order hadn't been transfered?

I also created a new product in the SAP ERP system, but when I checked for the product in the SAP CRM system I found it was missing and hadn't been transfered either.

I obviously realise there's much more CRM middleware and ERP customization that needs to be carried out. But can someone please advise what these are?... ie what are the next steps, or which other CRM best practice guides do I need to refer too, so that I can transfer sales order and product updates (as an example & for starters) between the systems?

Many thanks