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May 23, 2016 at 11:23 AM

Help needed with implementation of BI scenario in HANA


Hello Everyone,

We have a scenario in normal SAP BI which we want to implement in HANA and see if we achieve any improvement .


Currently we have a source S1 which gives sales against profit center e.g.

company code Profit center sales month C1 P1 1000 4

We have another table T1 where these same values are split along multiple profit centers and ratio are stored e.g.

Profit center Company code sales month split ratio A1 C1 600 4 3 A2 C1 400 4 2

The report shows the values as . The values in the source S1 is split on profit center line based on T1.

company code Profit center sales month split ratio C1 A1 600 4 3 C1 A2 400 4 2

Current solution which we have: We refresh all the records from S1 into the target multiple times a day which consumes lot of time and resources.

The amount of data in S1 is huge and historical records needs to be adjusted everytime any ratio changes in T1.It takes hours to load the data currently in BI


We need to replicate the same scenario in Hana based on projections etc. and understand how fast these refresh will be and how can we implement it.

Thank you for your suggestions/Solutions.

Please reply back if the question is not clear.