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May 23, 2016 at 11:06 AM

FAGLBW03 : FI data source creation for non leading ledger / Memoranda ledger based on FAGLFLEXT table


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to generate Finance report in BI based on Memoranda Entry ledger (Z1) as mentioned in below screenshot. FAGLFLEXT table is having transaction data for Z1 ledger but 0FI_GL_10 data source doesn't bring Z1 ledger information.

I have gone through certain threads and found out that we will have to generate our own data source for any other ledger. I went to FAGLBW03 t-code in ECC as mentioned in below screenshot but couldn't find Z1 ledger.

Can anyone provide input on how to generate data source based on FAGLFLEXT table based on Z1 Ledger ?

Thanks in advance.


Img 1.JPG (72.8 kB)
Img 2.JPG (70.9 kB)