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May 23, 2016 at 08:17 AM

BPC NW - data collection - read cube - transform from key figure to member dimension



The versions used:

BPC NW 10 - SP12

BW 731 SP16

Model standard with only one key figure

I would like to use the 'Load Transaction data from BW Infoprovider UI' in order to read the records to BW cube

BW Cube has a several key figures.

I would like to transform a key figure like 0DELIVERIES 'Number of deliveries' to member of dimension.

The technical name of dimension is : ZBPC_IND

The technical name of member dimension ZBPC_IND for the transformation KY is : IND102

I created a new transformation and add the new line :


But during the validation of transformation file, there is a error of this line

NB : I try the following codification : ZBPC_IND=MVAL(0DELIVERIES;*NEWCOL(IND102)), but there is still error

Can you help me for the correct codification ?