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Former Member
May 23, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Re-creation of SE11 structures in Gateway system for RFC-BAPI/Code based approach. Required?


Hi Experts,

Is it good practice to re-create SE11 structures in Gateway system for RFC-BAPI import and export parameters.

My take on this:

If we declare the fields in the Entity, SAP automatically creates the interface corresponding to fields (No Maintainer cost) which we have declared in Entity type.

If we just have the fields in Entity, then we don’t have to add/subtract the fields in SE11 structures, rather just re-generate the SEGW project, SAP will automatically take care of add/subtract the fields in interface.

If we go ahead to create separate structures in data dictionary for each RFC-BAPI and if there is a change in the structure fields, customer needs to maintain entity type + structures in gateway system + code (DPC and MPC).

in a hypothetical case: If in case - if someone adds the field in structure (if we have structure for Entity) and ONLY transfer the code to next environment, then entire project services will not work, till we make sure SE11 structure are moved to next environment. IF we just have the fields in gateway entity, then only add/subtract the fields + activate the service + transport the service is enough.

Please let me know your comments.

Thanks and appreciate all your comments.


Madhu M V