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May 23, 2016 at 05:52 AM

SRM:Huge Workflow log in Global directory(AL11)


Hi ,

In Production - 'AL11',Numerous workflow log is getting created.Which is causing Jobs failing and Mail not getting delivered from SOST.How to Resolve it.....

I would like to know from where it is getting created?

I checked in other blogs where they have asked to check SWU9 for trace , SCOT.

SWU9 - It is good it has already been in 'In-active' status.

SCOT:Here Inbox and Outbox are showing 'Active'

Global = 'Deactivated'.

Here Inbox and Outbox also should be in 'Deactivated'?

Program - RSWTTR02 can be used to delete all logs from the Global directory.Based on screenshot apart from 'wf_log' but there are others not sure whether those can be deleted or not.


SCOT.jpg (202.4 kB)
al11.jpg (265.3 kB)