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May 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Applying CSS to SAPUI5 button


Hello All,

I am trying to change the color of button text by applying css to sap.m.Button. For this, I have created css file with following content and included it using index.html.

.myRedButton {

color: red;


Then I tried to apply the color to the button as follows:

<Button class="myRedButton" text="Press Me"/>

However, the button text always comes with default color. When I inspected the button using chrome, I can see the color attribute from my custom class is striked out and it is picking up color from standard sapMBInner class (highlighted the details in the following image)

If i disable color attribute from sapMBtnInner class (from chrome), it is picking up myREdButton class and the button text changes to red.

I don't want to redefine sapMBtnInner class as it would affect all the buttons. Can you please tell me what is wrong in my implementation.




css.jpg (147.2 kB)