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May 21, 2016 at 11:36 AM

open tif file on my computer then copy it with other name(but as tif) to other machine on local network


Hi all

I want to make button when user click it ,execute the following

1-open my computer for browse files of type tif only

2-when i select one file of type tif then copy this file to different computer on local network with different name (i create this name)

for examples

i have 123.tif file on c:\my photo

i want to explore my computer to reach c:\my photo (browsing only folders and tif files)

when i select one of tif files (for example 123.tif) and double clicked (when double clicked with any other than tif file do nothing)

it copy this file to "\\\photo_on_server\photo123_22022016.tif"

whrere192.168.1.25 is machine on my local net

photo_on_server is shared dir on this machine

photo123_22022016.tif" is the new name of my 123.tif file located in my computer (c:\my photo)