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May 21, 2016 at 01:04 AM

HTTP_AAE adapter, Header Field(Synchronous Response)


Hello All,

I am working on synchronous( SAP R/3->PI 7.4(Single stack java)->third party system(HTTP_AAE)) adapter. I need to call a third party web service and read the response header fields. I can see that in the HTTP_AAE adapter we can specify the synchronous response header fields . Can someone please let me me know how we can map those in message mapping?

Example : when i do HTTP post for the third part web service, i need to read three fields (Etag, location and server). Do i need to write a UDF to map those fields or it will happen automatically. I mean

1. In the communication channel, HTTP header(Synchronous response) section, i will specify

HeaderFieldOne = Etag

HeaderFieldOne = location

HeaderFieldOne = server

2. In my outbound(SAP R/3) and inbound(third party system) service interface response structure/data type , I will have these 3 fields.

How do i read the response fields(from communication channel) and map it to the inbound service interface response structure?