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Limit Measurement Types by Function is not working

Hi Guys i'm trying to use Limit Measurement Types by Function for Architecture Object in RE-FX and it doesn't work.

The Scenario As Following :-

1- Defined Building Function " Apartments" for Arch Type "03BU - Building "

2- Allow Measurement Type " Num of Apartments " for AO

3- Allow Measurement Type " Num of Apartments" For Arch Type " 03BU - Building "

4- Allow AND make it the Default measurement (On Screen) for The Measurement Type " Num of Apartments " With  Arch Object " 03BU - Building " With Function "Apartments "

When i'm trying to create Arch Type "03BU - building " Using Function " Apartments" There's No Default Measurement Appear to me on Screen.

The Solution designed on this scenario so don't let user to choose the Measurement, But it doesn't Work

Note : I Know the Check Box " no Exception " on the Measurement Type  and it's not marked.

I hope anyone can help me or this is a Bug in RE-FX ?

Thanks In Advance

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1 Answer

  • May 23, 2016 at 05:22 AM

    Hi Amr,

    I did a quick test and you first need to make the following configuration:

    1. In the setting for "Define Measurement Types" (view V_TIVBDMEAS) you need to set the value on "1 Property Is Allowed for Object" in the column AO.

    2. In setting "Specify Measurement Types per Architectural Object Type" (view V_TIVBDMEASAO) specify the Measurement Type + AO Type with value "2 Property Is Default for Object (on Screen).

    These 2 setting work for me when creating a new AO, it then populates the measurement type by default.

    3. In setting "Limit Measurement Types by Function" (view V_TIVBDMEASAOFU) you can further the combination of Measurement Type, AO Type and Function to define which function is allowed and which on isn't. So in your example you would specify function "Apartments" as "2 Property Is Default for Object (on Screen) and perhaps "Office" as "Property Is Not Allowed for Object".

    However when testing this, the routine is only executed once. This means that when you specify the function on the AO initially and press enter, or click on the Measurement tab the measurement type is inserted or not depending on the initial setting for the function. So in the example of function "Office" it would leave the measurement BLANK, and when you change the measurement to "Apartements" it would not insert the measurement type again and leaves it blank. This means this routine is only executed once in "create" mode but any further updates in the same create session or change mode session is ignored. You would still get an error message if a measurement is listed which is not allowed but you would have to delete (or insert) this manually.

    I guess the reason for this logic is that you wouldn't want a change in these configurations settings to automatically delete or insert measurements on existing master data.

    If you want additional logic you can always revert to implementing BADI_REBD_ARCH_OBJECT in order to trigger the insert/delete routine on every change of function value.

    Regards, Andre

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