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May 20, 2016 at 09:23 PM

Central ESR for single stack PI


We are working to implement NW7.4 single stack for PI and standing up new hardware so we can recreate the remaining active interfaces. Thus, eliminating a large number of obsolete interfaces from our ESR.

We are interested in utilizing a central ESR to help keep configuration in sync. I have been unable to find any documentation about how the central ESR should work for a single stack system structure. Our ECC system is dual stack and will not be upgrading to NW7.4 until late next year.

Are there any pitfalls we should address before pushing forward? Are there nuances of security which are different that a distributed dual stack environment which need to be decided?

Is there simply any user guide type documentation to instruct on differences in monitoring between dual and single stack as well as properly monitor a Central ESR environment?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!