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Former Member
May 20, 2016 at 05:29 PM

Posting of disconnection charges as net receivables


Hello Experts,

We have configured charge schemas to be used in disconnection processing variants for posting of disconnection/reconnection charges. The business requirement is that is that this should be the base amount with applicable taxes calculated on it.For e.g. if the configured amount is CAD 100 and tax percentage is 13% then the document should be posted for an amount of CAD 113.

However as part of the standard functionality the amount is posted as gross amount with CAD 88.50 as the base amount and CAD 11.50 as taxes. I am not able to find any user exits or events where we can influence this behaviour. The standard function module that gets invoked at the time of disconnection entry ISU_DISCDOC_SAVE_CHARGE internally calls the FM FKK_CREATE_CHARGE_DOCUMENT. One of the importing parameters for this FM 'I_XNETT' is commented out which I think controls how the charge will be posted.

Any ideas on how this can be implemented?