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May 20, 2016 at 04:11 PM

SLT security / Data transfer jobs



I have two questions to confirm that I got from my customer.

1. In the data provisioning window, there are options like

- Start Load

- Start Replication

- Stop Load / Replication

- Suspend Load / Replication

- Resume Load / Replication

Is it possible to block the authorization by options within this screen? In other words, can someone perform all the options above except 'Stop Load / Replication' for example? I believe it is not possible because once one gets authorization to data provisioning, that person can perform all of the tasks in the screen but I would like to confirm.

2. When creating a SLT configuration, you should define

- Number of data transfer jobs

- Number of initial load jobs

- Number of calculation jobs

Are the number of initial load jobs and calculation jobs is part of number of data transfer jobs?

For example, let's say 25 is defined for data transfer jobs then out of 25 data transfer jobs, you can assign x number of jobs for the initial load and y number of jobs for calculation jobs or are those totally independent? In the old DMIS releases, it was the first case where you define the number of initial load jobs from the number of data transfer jobs. Is it still the case with DMIS 2011 SP7 or higher?