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Former Member
May 20, 2016 at 06:41 PM

EPMExecuteAPI - SaveAndRefreshWorksheetData doesnt work



I have input template (.XLSX) with formula =EPMExecuteAPI("SaveAndRefreshWorksheetData","Save").When I double click, it simply shows the formula and nothing happens. Does the input form need to be a XLXM or XLTM for EPMExecuteAPI to work. ?

In sheet options "Use as Data Input" is already checked.

I tried to save the file as XLSM with same results.

If i use the save data button on the EPM ribbon, data is saved successfully.

In developer tab, FPMXLClient is enabled in references.

If i connect to a different model in the same environment the formula works on that model.

Any ideas for this strange behavior.

BPC 10.0 SP22 NW