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May 20, 2016 at 04:02 PM

Query Employee by ID - no results


Hello everyone,

I tried to query an the BusinessObject Employee with a QueryByIdentification -> InternalID in the RepositoryExplorer in the Cloud Application Studio 1605 but I do not receive a result. To avoid misunderstandings - the Employee-BO to the ID I am querying really exists.

The analog BusinessPartner-Query with the corresponding ID works very well - but the Employee-Query has no result.

I also tried to query the Employee with a query, build in the UI-Designer. There, my result list also remains empty (message on UI: no records found)...

See the provided Screenshots.

What can I do, to receive the Employee-BusinessObject, belonging to the InternalID?

Best Regards,



Employee_Query.png (114.6 kB)
DataModel.png (145.3 kB)
Query.png (116.2 kB)