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May 20, 2016 at 01:33 PM

Rebate Agreement for Payer


Hi Xperts,

I have a scenario for Rebate Management. I am using Standard SAP Rebate Scenario.

I have a scenario where the Sold-to Party (S) and Payer(P) are different in the Sales Documents which are determined from the Customer Master of Sold to Party. My requirement is to do the settlement to the Payer. My understanding says that the Rebate Agreement should have Payer(P) as the Rebate Recipient and it should work fine.

But the issue is, Payer(P) is just a payer. It has account group of only payer and not sold to party. So Rebate Agreement is not allowing to use Payer(P) as Rebate Recipient.

Business tried to create Rebate Agreement for Sold to Party(S). That also worked fine but when we do the settlement, it is giving the credit to Sold to Party as he is the rebate recipient in the Rebate Agreement.

But business is expecting that when the Credit Memo Request is being created, the sold to party is picked from Rebate Agreement and it should pick the payer from the customer master of the Sold to party, which is not happening. I think this is standard SAP and it work like this only.

Is there a possibility that if I create the Rebate Agreement for Sold to party and while creating Credit Memo Request, it should pick the payer from customer master of sold to party?

I hope my question is clear and not confusing.

Thanks a lot for valuable comments.