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May 20, 2016 at 12:26 PM

PSE Certification issue


Hi Their,

Please suggest me on this issue

1. I wanted to give the system certificate for CA signing as one my URL is coming giving certification error while accessing in internet, so that I have gone STRUST -> SSL server Standard -> create certification request -> for CA signing -I treat this a my root certificate

2. I have received the certificate from CA but while I am appling by clicking the import button it is saying

Issuer certificate missing in database -> after that I followed Database, create a new "ROOT CA" entry ex;Z_EXAM.

Select any PSE(System PSE) ->Certificate->Import and Import the "Issuer Certificate".

Certificate->Export->Database>Select Z_NETCA, CA, Some description ->OK and took the ICM restart

but still it is showing as self-signed certificate only

Can you please suggest. Is my approach is correct.