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May 20, 2016 at 11:49 AM

Material text missing on material iDoc


Hi Gurus,

We are using material master interface via standard change pointer principles.

What I am noticing is if I maintain a text for material e.g. Sales or Purchase or any other text when I trigger the iDoc via BD10 the texts are populated on E1MTXHM and E1MTXLM segments.

I have not activated texts for change pointers.

However if another change pointer relevant field e.g material description changes triggering the iDoc via BD21 doesn't carry the material texts.

I would have thought that when we trigger iDocs via BD21 it will carry the full snapshot of the object(s).

This behaviour works ok for customer master iDocs i.e. although texts are not active on chnage pointers when a relevant change pointer based field changes the iDoc via BD21 carries the text as well.

I wonder if anyone has faced same for material may be there is a setting missing.

I do not want to activate the change pointers for texts as that will start triggering unwanted iDocs.

Thanks in advance for your time.