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May 20, 2016 at 12:14 PM

Consignment Issue Schedule line Quantity Confirmed in SO . In Delivery No Stock.


Please help me on this issue

Consignment Issue Quantity Confirmed in SO . In Delivery No Stock.

Now we are doing the catch up . Consignment Fill up process processed successfully. able to see Consignment stock for the customer in mmbe report. Able to create consignment issue . and in the schedule lines quantity is confirming as per the delivery date . But while doing delivery it is showing 0 quantity , unable to do delivery . Any help will be appreciated.

Tried the same material with different customer . and same customer with different material , all are working fine .

Diagnose is problem when we combine particular customer with particular material .

one more important thing NO MRP for the materail . Also just now changed the MRP type from PD to ND.


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