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May 20, 2016 at 11:26 AM

Create Link between 2 accounting document like cross-company posting


Dear SAP Community,

In the cross-company posting, when you post to 2 company codes in one session, you will get 3 documents.

- 1 document for company code A

- 1 document for company code B

- 1 summary document for both

Due to the problem with tax, that the tax is only posted to the leading company code. We can't implement this solution.

And we have to post 2 seperated documents, 1 doc for each company code.

The problem is that: 2 documents are not automatically linked to eachother. It's difficult to find the other document (even we put the same reference, we have to search...).

Is there a solution, that I can create a link for 2 separated accounting documents from different company codes?

Would be thankful for your support.

Best regards,