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May 20, 2016 at 10:54 AM

Query not show all variable in selection screen


Hi All,

We have report requirement to create query with selection Key Date, Target Currency and Exchange Rate Type. To fulfill this requirement we have created Currency Translation Type ZCTT1 with following properties:

1. Exchange Rate tab : We have selected "Ex. Rate Type from Var." = ZRTYPE_00 ( Exchange rate variable with user input)

2. Currency tab : We have selected "Target Currency from Variable" = ZCURRNY_00 ( Currency Variable with user input)

3. Time Ref. tab : We have selected "Time Reference from Variable" = ZKEYDATE_00 (Key Date Variable with user input)

We have added this Currency Translation Type in CKF Conversions properties:

Conversion Type = ZCTT1 ( Currency Translation Type created above).

Target Currency = ZCURRENY_00 (Target Currency Variable)

After CKF creation we added this in query and in query variable sequence it show Target Currency, Key date and Exchange Rate Type variable. But when we run query in RSRT it will not show Target Currency and Exchange Rate Type in selection screen.

Please Suggest if any one have any idea. Please find the screen shot.