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May 20, 2016 at 08:04 AM

How-to assign agents dynamically for a task


Dear WF Gurus,

I've implemented an OO WF, and my requirement is to assign agents to a Task dynamically, which are known when triggering the WF. Since I'm retrieving the agents from an external service, I pass the agents via the workflow start event, when triggering it, and now I have it in my Workflow container.

I bound this table of my WF container via expression to agents of the Activity, but agents get not assigned to this step.

I tried with ad-hoc agent assigment, here my problem is, that I cannot move my table of agents described above into the container element Agent_0003.Agents (generated by teh ad-hoc wizard).

Any advice welcome, how-to assign the agents to my single Activity what I've in my WF 😊

Thank you