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May 20, 2016 at 06:14 AM

Project Forecasting BPC



We have been reviewing the forecasting options within and outside of SAP. We have high volume of projects working in integration with PS NW and massive amount of PM Work Orders directly assigned to WBS elements. (PM Orders are not linked with NW activities)

We would like to run it at a higher level (i.e. L1 WBS) and we would like to split the cost estimations/forecasting for monthly levels. Based on these requirements, we checked couple of options including some 3rd Party products and also SAP PS Forecasting WB, and BPC. (I have reviewed this nice piece on that topic as well which is quite useful: Architecture and functionality of extended project management tools for SAP PS )

We decided to use BPC for this purpose and would like to learn more about the issues/experiences on using BPC for Projects Forecasting. I know complexity depends on the volume, type of projects etc. But we mostly are interested in the potential areas which we need to spend more time etc.

Kind regards

Savas Yazici