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May 19, 2016 at 11:43 PM

Oracle upgrade from to terminated at upgrade timezonestep


Hello Experts, I was performing oracle upgrade from to in SAP BW system and it terminated with some solaris AMD memory error during step 'Upgrading Timezone'. From upgrade logs it looks like it terminated while trying to restart DB after timezone upgrade, as from SQL, I checked and found that timezone is also upgraded. I think all post upgrade steps were also completed and I could see log files about post-upgrade and everything looks ok and without errors. DB and SAP is up and running fine with new oracle home since last week without issues. But when I executed post-upgrade checks script after termination of upgrade, it showed some invalid objects, which were not there when pre-upgrade checks was executed. Some examples of invalid objects are given below: SYS.V_$FS_OBSERVER_HISTOGRAM (VIEW) SYS.V_$GG_APPLY_COORDINATOR (VIEW) SYS.V_$GG_APPLY_READER (VIEW) SYS.V_$GG_APPLY_RECEIVER (VIEW) SYS.V_$GG_APPLY_SERVER (VIEW) SYS.V_$GOLDENGATE_CAPABILITIES (VIEW) SYS.V_$GOLDENGATE_CAPTURE (VIEW) SYS.V_$HANG_INFO (VIEW) SYS.V_$LOGMNR_REGION (VIEW) SYS.V_$PROCESS_MEMORY_DETAIL (VIEW) SYS.V_$RESULT_CACHE_OBJECTS (VIEW) SYS.V_$RMAN_STATUS (VIEW) SYS.V_$ROWCACHE (VIEW) SYS.V_$RO_USER_ACCOUNT (VIEW) SYS.V_$RSRC_SESSION_INFO (VIEW) SYS.V_$STREAMS_APPLY_COORDINATOR (VIEW) SYS.V_$XSTREAM_APPLY_COORDINATOR (VIEW) SYS.V_$XSTREAM_APPLY_READER (VIEW) SYS.V_$XSTREAM_APPLY_RECEIVER (VIEW) SYS.V_$XSTREAM_APPLY_SERVER (VIEW) SYS._ALL_STREAMS_PROCESSES (VIEW) SYS._DBA_STREAMS_COMPONENT_EVENT (VIEW) SYS._DBA_STREAMS_COMPONENT_STAT (VIEW) SYS._DBA_XSTREAM_OUTBOUND (VIEW) Though I am able to compile these objects manually with no errors, I just want to know whether there are any other sanity checks I can do to make sure that database and system is healthy after upgrade. Please refer attached screen of DBUA step where upgrade was terminated. Thanks, Ankur SAP Basis Team


DBUA_error.png (201.7 kB)