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May 19, 2016 at 08:01 PM

Data mining


I just started using SAP B1. I was trying to get the cycle times for all items for instance and I saw that work orders have it. I see this data is based off of the OWOR table from the sys information. However, the WO is actually pulling it from another table because the OWOR query options don't show it as an option. How can I locate this and how do I know what other tables its pulling from? I thought a relationship map might help but I am not sure how to use it fully - it does not show the cycle times in it anyways. I am trying to do some data mining and I see I can use queries that I can build based on the tables in SAP. Is there anything else I could use that can be helpful? I am using SAP B1 9.0 (9.02.00) PL:11 (32 bit)