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May 19, 2016 at 07:34 PM

PA03 - Payroll Control Record


Hello Experts,

Our HR and Payroll departments wanted to set the "Earliest payroll acctg period" forward. We changed it in DEV and we changed it in QAS without any problems, The modification changed the status from "Exit payroll" to "Changed new". So, before we changed it in PRD, the Payroll department ran the payroll and completed the payroll. The status was "Exit payroll". Then we changed the date.The status now said "Changed new", but we expected that. We also expected to not have any problems, but payroll forgot to post the payroll to the G/L. So after we completed the change in PA03, the posting of the payroll to the General Ledger wanted to change the posting period by going to the next period before it posted.

We still need to post the payroll to the General Ledger, but we need to correct the PA03 first by setting the status to "Exit payroll". Remember this is PRD so we can't get too creative with experimentation. Any ideas?