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Adding existing objects(transaction code) to the TR

Feb 08, 2017 at 07:24 AM


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Lets say program is X and tcode is T. Some changes have been done in X and tcode T is created and assigned to X. The changes are in a TR and released from development system. But these changes(program change and also tcode) were not moved to quality or production.So prog.X still don't have a tcode in quality or production.Now my requirement is just to create a tcode with the same name as T for program X. Since the tcode T is already there in development for prog X , i just have to move this to subsequent systems.

So if i create a TR and add this existing object(tcode T) alone to it and not the program X , will the changed program in development also be transported or just the transaction code for that program??

This is because there are some changes in X in development system and not in production and the functional don't need that changes.

After this change we only want tcode T for the existing program in production not the changed one in development.

Its urgent!!

Thanks in advance.



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1 Answer

Kiran K Feb 08, 2017 at 01:02 PM


You have a program in D with some changes in a TR which is released but not imported to Q and P and want the transaction code of this program alone to be transported to Q and P but without the current changes of the program.Right ?

Check the transport logs of that TR to make sure if it is not yet imported to Q.

Then you can manually add the t code to a new TR like R3TR (Program ID) and TRAN (Object Type) and import it to Q.

As long as the program is not included in the new TR and your old TR is not added to STMS queue,your current changes will not be transported to Q.


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Hi Kiran,

I am trying to see the transport logs of the released TR in D. But it is showing that "No logs found for the executed transports".

Does this mean it wasn't moved to quality system??



If no logs found means it is just released but not yet imported to Q.You can compare the versions of the program using version management between D - Q and P,just to be sure.