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May 19, 2016 at 05:47 PM

OCC capabilities


Dear all

looking on thread

and discussion running there and reading the document I have these questions:

1.) can we generate a "long text" for identifiers, user defined texts or phrase texts using OCC capabilities for specs: either using online or offline modus; for phrase. always offline) ? The document focus on table structure having <= 132 CHAR without any indication if more Characters are supported (which is supported in standard EHS Import clearly)

2.) My understanding of "online" modus is as: we generate hit list; use "Edit mode",load data (this is true for xml based data and / or txt oriented files) => is this correct?

Normally most of the SAP system does have a "system parameter" defined for "online" activities and in most case after 1 h or so you get "out of time" ABAP error => what about performance of OCC?

To make it more specific: You can load data in "packages" (.e.g may be load first only density, then flashpoint etc.). If we talek about 5000 specs not a bad approach; but can we load "big data" for"huge amount of specs" (> 10000) in one run in "online modus" without "time out error"??

Further question on online modus

we can load data based on "XML" structure and text file structure; For TXT file: you define the location of the file via OCC settings; for XML oriented approach: you must use a customizing setting to specify the location of xml files

==> is there any "trend" foreseen to combine these two approaches in one approach (e.g. so that in OCC you can my user defined folder to look at and not customizing)