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OCC capabilities

Dear all

looking on thread

and discussion running there and reading the document I have these questions:

1.) can we generate a "long text" for identifiers, user defined texts or phrase texts using OCC capabilities for specs: either using online or offline modus; for phrase. always offline) ? The document focus on table structure having <= 132 CHAR without any indication if more Characters are supported (which is supported in standard EHS Import clearly)

2.) My understanding of "online" modus is as: we generate hit list; use "Edit mode",load data (this is true for xml based data and / or txt oriented files) => is this correct?

Normally most of the SAP system does have a "system parameter" defined for "online" activities and in most case after 1 h or so you get "out of time" ABAP error => what about performance of OCC?

To make it more specific: You can load data in "packages" (.e.g may be load first only density, then flashpoint etc.). If we talek about 5000 specs not a bad approach; but can we load "big data" for"huge amount of specs" (> 10000) in one run in "online modus" without "time out error"??

Further question on online modus

we can load data based on "XML" structure and text file structure; For TXT file: you define the location of the file via OCC settings; for XML oriented approach: you must use a customizing setting to specify the location of xml files

==> is there any "trend" foreseen to combine these two approaches in one approach (e.g. so that in OCC you can my user defined folder to look at and not customizing)


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    Posted on May 20, 2016 at 05:22 AM

    Hi Christoph,

    1. I think I never tried, but the system should convert identifiers, user-defined texts etc. with more than 132 characters into long texts automatically, so this should not be a issue.
    2. Your understanding is incorrect. In online mode, you connect the OCC with the system (Data Import-->connect with system). Prerequisite is that the particular system is mapped correctly in the saprfc.ini. Now you start the load just like you do in offline mode.

    Performance depends on the kind of data you load. If you have only identifiers it is really fast, so 10.000 specs in one go should not cause a timeout. If you load VAT data, especially compositions, it's a different story. It's not just system performance anyway, but also the speed of the connection between OCC and EH&S.

    Having said that, I stress again that usually offline mode is the method of choice.

    I am not aware of any trend to combine xml and txt load in any way, but then I am not involved in new developments.


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