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May 19, 2016 at 03:26 PM

Issue with Payroll control record


hi there,

I have a "logic question" about PA03 - Payroll control record:

when status in PA03 is "Released for payroll" or "Check Payroll Results" it is NOT allowed to do changes, e.g. the report RPTARQPOST (leave request post from ESS) ignores leave requests from the actual period.

For some reasons sometimes it is necessary (for changes) to change the status to "Released for corrections" in PA03 during the payroll period. This e.g. takes 3 minutes. Payroll employee changes the status, does the necessary changes, and then changes back the status to "Released for payroll".

Now the problem is that in this "time slot" the RPTARQPOST can post leave requests into Infotyp 2001, which should NOT be allowed. Also other employees should NOT do changes in this "time slot".

So how can we handle this issue on technical base ? How to avoid changes (e.g. posting of leave request) in this "time slots" during payroll run ? Is it possible to set the status only for specific users or something like this ?

br Martin