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May 19, 2016 at 03:39 PM

Applyling a class to Sap.m.table row dynamically...


I I'm trying to assign a class to a row in my sap.m.table dynamically using my view model SearchResults.

Unfortunately it's igoring my class properties (see below).

How do I do this in my XML view ?

<items class="{SearchResults>typeClass}">
<ColumnListItem class="{SearchResults>typeClass}">
<ObjectIdentifier title="{ path:'SearchResults>temporaryDate', formatter:'.formatDisplayDate'}"/>

<TimePicker id="TP1_1" value="{SearchResults>startTime1}" selectedKey="{SearchResults>startTime1}" valueFormat="HH:mm" displayFormat="HH:mm" change="onTimeChangedOpening"
visible="{SearchResults>isOpen}" valueState="{SearchResults>startTimeValid}"
placeholder="Enter Opening Time" editable="false">