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May 19, 2016 at 03:08 PM

Sales returns with material to customer specific stock


Dear all,

In the sales returns with customer specific stock, PGR is done without cost. There is no accounting document creation due to not have material cost to the returns sales order.

The sales scenario as follow:

1) Sales process:

a) sales order created for configurable material with item category for customer specific stock

b) material is produced according to configuration. The GR from production order to stock is done on customer specific stock (101-E). The stock quantity and production costs are assigned to sales order/item.

b) Outbound delivery created: PGI is done with movement type 601-E with correct production cost.

c) Invoicing

2) Sales returns:

a) returns sales order created based on original sales order

b) returns delivery created: PGR is done without cost with movement type 653-E. There is no accounting document and stockl quantity is assigned to the returns sales order

c) credit note

The configurable material has price control as S-standard price without cost on MM03.

The material costs exists to original sales order.

How can PGR get the cost from original sales order on returns sales process ? or How can return quantity be assigned to original sales order instead of returns sales order?

I appreciate your comments about that.