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May 19, 2016 at 01:28 PM



Dear, Experts in Asset

In FBL3N and F.01 the accumulated depreciation is correct for a particular assets class but when we execute the AR02 the balance of accumulated depreciation of that particular assets class is mot matched.

What are points need to be checked please provide in details because this issue is long pending , we are not able to solve .

What we have checked given below:--

1. Checked FBL3N balance as per profit center for that particular assets class ( office equipment ) ( balance is 196329.38)

2. Checked F.01 balance as per profit center .( balance is 196329.38)

3. In AR02 also we are given assets class , reporting date & plant . ( balance is 379064.68 )

Please suggest and tell me how to find out what are the manual entries posted for this particular assets class or the GL account ?

Thanks in advance 😊