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May 19, 2016 at 08:53 AM

Virtual keyboard issue on Windows8 tablet (Open UI development)


Dear experts,

We have built some Open UI development on top of the standard Work manager 6.2.

Work Manager 6.2

SMP 3.0 sp10 pl07

SDK: SMP3.0 sp11 pl04

Device: Windows 8 tablet Panasonic FZ-G1

For one of these developments, when the user clicks on a button, it opens a new OpenUI screen with a focus on a text field.

If I correctly understand, it is a standard behavior that the virtual keyboard is displayed when focusing on a text field. However, since this field will be populated using a barcode scanner (manual input using the keyboard is still an option but not the preferred one) the business would like to keep the keyboard hidden when focusing on this field.

In the open UI code, I cannot really see how and where I could achieve this. Please also take into account that I want to keep the focus on this field, since I want that the user can use it without selecting this field first.

Could you please advise on how I should proceed to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!

Kind regards,

Jean Eudes