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May 19, 2016 at 08:00 AM

Payment advice & Chq Printing



I need to understand three things in here.

1.Do we have any standard payment advice that can be mapped and used ? I was looking at F110_IN_AVIS, can I update all the field details or should I take ABAP assistance ? Or should I completely develop a new format and assign ?

2. Client wants to use manual payment process, so I want to suggest F-58, now from internet sources I find that this program refers to FBZP settings only to generate the payment advice, pls let me know if this is correct.

3. I was also looking at F-53 option, I wanted to use the "Payment Advice Number" field, which I believe will be subsequently used in FBE1 for advice generation. However when I put any number in that field (in F-53) it says No Payment Advices Were Found. Do I configure this anywhere ?

Some inputs will be highly appreciated.

Best regds