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May 19, 2016 at 07:15 AM

Web IDE Connection issue to the Backend On-Premsie System



We have installed and configure SAP Cloud Connector and connected on-premise system with the same. Also configured the destination in the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit. Everything till here looks green.

But when we try to access the backend system for the HTML5 application development, we get the below error:

Unable to access the selected system

In console, I can see below error:

GET;v=2/ServiceCollection/$count 503 (Service Unavailable)o.defaultHttpClient.request @ datajs.js:17E2 @ datajs.js:17o.request @ datajs.js:17h._request @ ODataModel.js:6k @ ODataModel.js:6h._submitRequest @ @ ODataModel.js:6e.extend._getNumOfCatalogServiceCollections @ config-preload.js:2881e.extend._getODataCatalog @ config-preload.js:2880e.extend.getCatalog @ config-preload.js:2881e.extend._populateServicesTree @ config-preload.js:2880e.extend._handleCatalogComboBox @ config-preload.js:2880a.fireEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:143a.fireEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:152D.fireChange @ DropdownBox.js:6C._handleSelect @ ComboBox.js:6D._handleSelect @ DropdownBox.js:6a.fireEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:143a.fireEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:152(anonymous function) @ sap-ui-core.js:152L._handleUserActivationPlain @ ListBox.js:6L._handleUserActivation @ ListBox.js:6L.onclick @ ListBox.js:6a._callEventHandles @ sap-ui-core.js:152a._handleEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:152U._handleEvent @ sap-ui-core.js:152p @ sap-ui-core.js:60Q.event.dispatch @ sap-ui-core.js:71v3.handle @ sap-ui-core.js:71

sap-ui-core.js:88 2016-05-19 11:20:36.436510

The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed503,Service Unavailable,Cannot open tunnel with id account:///sxxxtrial -

Also when I check log and Audit log at SCC, I can see below error:

2016-05-19 08:37:11.000605,,,,OP_ACCESS_DENIED,Denying access to any system for application dispatcher [H=466F1B297D14D1531D8296D02B6E02F6F2535E10C7D021FD47C7BCA0BC2CAB56]

2016-05-19 08:37:11, #Denied access for tunnel with id 'account:///sxxxtrial' and attributes: 'applicationAccount:services, applicationName:dispatcher, applicationType:JAVA'|

I tried to search and double check my configuration, everything seems to same as guide.

Please check and let me know the solution.