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Asset-Equipment Mapping Step by Step

Feb 08, 2017 at 06:49 AM


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Hello Gurus,

I am trying to map asset and equipment for my upcoming project. Previously, I couldn't map this scenario but this time I want to map it I have already made a plan, I want to share it with you for a better solution. Steps I want to include for mapping it are;

1. FI should primarily make an asset list and deliver it to PM.

2. PM create equipment for this asset list (I want to call them superior equipment)[Asset class superior asset-Equipment Category Superior equipment for sync]

3. Now PM people breaks these superior equipment according to equipment type. (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumental, etc.). So, I have got the sub-equipment for superior equipment.

4. Create sub-asset for sub-equipment according to the list of PM.[Sub-asset class and sub-equipment category sync]

6. Using user status we can keep superior equipment free from creating orders, as orders should be created for sub-equipment level from PM side.

Am I okay? Your suggestions/better solutions would help me more to map this scenario better. It's really a tough job to sync asset-equipment fully. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Milton Ashikul

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3 Answers

jalil mousavi Feb 15, 2017 at 08:22 AM

Hi Alam,

i think you can use thsi steps for mapping between equipment and asset .iused ths steps:

Step1: Link between Equipment category and object type to Asset Class from TC- S_ALR_87099871.

Step2: Field Assignment between FI-Asset and PM- Equipment from TC: S_ALR_87099872.

Step3: Create Evaluation Group1 & 2 for Asset Accounting with TC: S_ALR_87009047.

Step4: Create Asset with TC: AS01 and get it Equipment No. with Asset master done by FI Consultant.

And Accounts dept. will transfer Equipment no to Maintenance dept. and there is both synchronization changes allow to Equipment and Asset master as well as changes will reflect to concern master.

As above mentioned steps coordinate with FI Consultant.



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The best answer

Md. Ashikul Alam Feb 14, 2017 at 04:38 AM

This procedure is not possible, as we don't have the flexibility to change equipment category under a superior equipment.

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Peter Atkin Feb 14, 2017 at 07:54 AM

Md. Ashikul Alam

Does your structure look like this:


equipment.jpg (44.6 kB)
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Yes I wanted to map it like this, but the problem is, if I define the equipment category in the superior equipment level, I don't have the flexibility to change the equipment category in sub-equipment level. Like, if the superior equipment is mechanical then all the sub-equipment under it are also mechanical. If I could change it, then this mapping would be a controlled mapping for asset-equipment. Any suggestions??

Best Regards,

Milton Ashikul