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May 19, 2016 at 06:14 AM

User Authorizations in SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup User Role & Authorization for my SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded Application. My current activity is to create a BW / BPC Specific role with all the relevant Authorizations. As of now, I have created a test user and assigned him the below profiles:

Authorization Object Description RSBPC_ID Grant user access to a BPC environment RSBPC_BBPF Manage and use BPF RSBPC_DAP Manage and use a Data access profile RSBPC_USER Manage and use data aceess profile users RSBPC_ENVM Manage environment RSBPC_MODL Manage model RSBPC_TEAM Manage team RSBPC_WKSP Manage resource RSBPC_IOMA Maintain Local Master Data S_RS_ADMWB Data Warehousing Workbench - Objects S_RS_AUTH BI Analysis Authorizations in Role S_RS_COMP Business Explorer - Components S_RS_COMP1 Business Explorer - Components: Enhancements to the Owner S_RS_ICUBE Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoCube S_RS_IOBJ Data Warehousing Workbench - InfoObject S_RS_IOMAD Data Warehousing Workbench - Maintain Master Data S_RS_WSPAC BW Workspace S_RS_FOLD Display authorization for folders S_RS_ERPT Authorization for BEx enterprise reports S_RS_EREL Authorization for reusable elements of a BEx enterprise report S_RS_DAS Authorizations for working with data access services S_RS_BTMP Authorization for working with BEx Web templates S_RS_BITM Authorization for working with BEx Web items S_RS_BCS Authorization for registering broadcast settings for execution S_RS_BEXTX Authorization for maintaining BEx texts

I have given him Full Authorization for the above objects, as right now I just want to short-list the objects required for a proper BW / BPC Role in BPC 10.1 Embedded.

So, after assigning the above objects, I am able to carry out all the BW tasks perfectly and there is no issue. In the BPC Space, I am able to perform the tasks related to the Web Client perfectly as well.

However, When I open the EPM Input Form, the system shows a warning message as below:

When i open the Input Form and check the Dimension, I am unable to see any members. Refer below screenshot:

Request your assistance in case i have missed any Authorization Object or some Security setting in the BPC Web Client.

P.S. - I have a User with SAP_ALL authorization and everything works perfectly fine with it.




EPM -Warning.JPG (27.0 kB)
EPM - Member.JPG (28.4 kB)