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May 19, 2016 at 02:24 AM

New SU label for STO transfers


Hi All,

We have a scenario of STO (SLoc to SLoc). Plant XXXX have two Storage Locations (1000 & 2000).

Both 1000 & 2000 are assigned to warehouse 999 in SAP.

Now pallets need to be moved from 1000 to 2000 ; 2000 is little far location.

Pallets in 1000 have the SU label pasted. When I do STO,Outbound delivery, PGI, then the SU# gets vanished and while doing GR at
receiving 2000, it creates a new SU.

So a new SU label need to be generated and pasted.

Is it possible to have the same SU # generated at receiving

Problem is location 2000 do not have SAP system and they cannot generate a label.

They would confirm the receiving of pallets and other location users just do MIGO in SAP.

But new SU# makes problem, because pallet label still have old SU #.

Please advise a best design for this.