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May 18, 2016 at 09:32 PM

Issue with balancing field during splitting


Dear Colleagues,

I’m trying to set up document splitting and I face the following issue: during the posting the system issues an error message “Balancing field "Profit center" not detected”. This issue is related to a line item with tax posting. Screenshot with a business requirement can be found below:

A couple of technical details which might be necessary:

- Document splitting works for other scenarios without problems and is based on profit center characteristic;

- Postings for which splitting doesn’t work is assigned to business transaction 0000 / tr. variant 0001 and uses custom splitting method;

- Settings for items to be edited and base item can be found below; as can be seen from the settings item category 01000 should be considered as a base amount whereas item category 05100 should be edited (i.e. split). However, in simulation mode the system displays all line items as “base lines”.

Settings for a splitting method:

Simulation of the posting in "expert mode":

So the questions are:

- Do I understand correctly, that “Item categories to be edited” are item categories that should be split and “Base item categories” are item categories based on which splitting is done?

- If the above statement is true, why is splitting not applied in the scenario above and proportions from base items not inherited? Is there some customizing that is missing?

Thank you for your support !


Requirement.jpg (52.9 kB)