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May 18, 2016 at 09:02 PM

Best Approach for deleting dimension from a Model which is already in Production


Hello Experts,

We are already live and now the requirement is to remove 2 dimension from a particular model. We don't want to change any nomenclature for the model.

What would be the best approach to do this?

What happens to data? how do we handle that? how to handle data in production?

what happens to transports ? how do we handle that?

Is this the correct approach? if yes, what more? if no, what is correct approach?

As per and vadims reply :

"The simple way to change the dimensions in the cube is to copy existing original cube to some temporary cube, delete original cube, then create a new cube with the required set of dimension and with the name of original cube. Then using script logic copy data from the original copy to the new cube. You can create properties in the copy of the original cube to define transformation logic for script.

The technical name of the result will be different but what's the issue!

If we create a copy of original, and then delete the original model,are we going to delete the original model from production as well ? how are transports going to work?

If we are going to delete the original cube, whats the use of transformation to load production data to new model since there wont be any source cube in production as we need to transport the new model and for this we will have to delete the original model since the name of model is same? or is it we can transport same name model since the tech names are different? how does this work?

I am really confused since our model is already in production and we need to make this big change.