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May 18, 2016 at 06:28 PM

How to run parallel processing with "background" work process instead of "dialog"


Hello, I need to process 200k records in a business process that we have developed.

When processing the data regularly, it takes a very long time so i've decided to implement parallel processing according to this tutorial:

I've decided to divide the 200k records into 15 packets, and each packet is sent to be procecced using the "call function starting new task" command.

The problem is that the call to the function creates a dialog work process!

This means that after about 30-60 minutes in my system I receive a time out dump and the processing fails.

In other words, I'm extremely limited with the amounts of data that I want to process in each packet, thus leading to the following simple formula:

Large quantity of packets + Small amount of data to process in each packet = bad performance.

Why are the work process made of type dialog instead of type background, why did SAP choose to implement it this way?

Anyway, I've been thinking about the following alternative method:

1) Call the function module to open a job

2) Use the "SUBMIT PROGRAM VIA JOB" syntax which will run the program in background mode and assign it a background workprocess (no time-out limit)

3) Call function module to close the job

Will this method work for me?