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May 18, 2016 at 06:27 PM

Conditional load of dimension property value from BW info object



Got a requirement for loading Master Data for dimension. The requirement is while loading master data, I need to derive the property value of dimension property.

I have a BW info object for ENTITY-- "0COMP_CODE" as below

ID Text E_001 Entity One E_001_INPUT Entity One Input E_002 Entity Two E_002_INPUT Entity Two Input

I have dimension "ENTITY" where I need to load the above master data. Dimension structure is as below

ID Description ACTUAL_CODE E_001 Entity One E_001_INPUT E_001_INPUT Entity One Input

it means, when I loaded entity dimension Master data, I will get E_001 and E_001_INPUT and Property "ACTUAL_CODE" will be E_001_INPUT for E_001 and blank for E_001_INPUT. Here I have taken example of E_001. like this example I have hundreds of records in BW info object 0COMP_CODE.

I have created a transformation file for this load like below






and then created a conversion file for ACTUAL_CODE property as below

External Internal Value E_??? E_???_INPUT

my requirement is to populate the property "ACTUAL_CODE" of E_??? entities, but want to keep the property "ACTUAL_CODE" blank for E_???_INPUT.

I am not able to make it blank. I tried to skip it, but that was not right, because that needs to be loaded in dimension as well. I also tried to modify the conversion file like below to keep the property of all entities suffixed by _INPUT blank. but it didn't work. after running the data manager, E_001_INPUT also gets the E_001_INPUT property value of ACTUAL_CODE, which must be blank

External Internal Value E_??? E_???_INPUT E*_INPUT

Tried so much and went through so many topics. but couldn't find any thing that can help me to meet this requirement.

Please help to get the solution.