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May 18, 2016 at 04:56 PM

Does SAP contracts have grace end date functionality like Oracle ERP?


Hi folks

as a user/customer in a company with SAP ERP and previously employed at Oracle I am curious about this:

Oracle ERP contracts module out-of-the-box includes a functionality called contract grace end date. It basically gives the contract administrator the ability to put any number of days grace past the actual end date so that once the contract is expired other downstream systems like support can leverage the grace end date in entitlement calculations and continue support to a customer with an expired contract if it has a grace end date > contract expiration date.

Use cases for this are numerous: prolonged contract negotiations with a customer in good faith keep going before and after contract actual expiration, and the customer is not to be penalized by not having support during those extended negotiations.

Question: Does SAP contracts have a similar functionality? If not does anyone know of a successful customization that does this?

thank you.