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May 18, 2016 at 01:36 PM

Ability or Configuration to Ignore a Site's Closing Date within ME21n


Hi all;

I have an interesting scenario for you. In our organization, we use a Site's Closing date (i.e. t-code WB02, Opening Hours window, Closing Date field) to control when we move a site location. We specify the site's closing date, to indicate that the old location is closing, and then once the new location has opened, remove the closing date and modify the Opening date.

However, since this is simply a site being relocated from one physical location to another, we still need to be able to create Purchase Orders and Stock Transport orders for delivery to the site in the period AFTER the date specified in the Closing Date field...

But, there is something triggering an error in the creation of the Purchase Order or Stock Transport Order via ME21n that prevents us from doing this.

To date, the only way we have been able to get around this is to temporarily remove the value in Closing Date, create the PO/STO, and then restore the date.

I'm looking for any options that would allow us to create these POs or STOs without the need to perform the Site Maintenance as I described.

We're open to suggestions around enhancements via user exit or BADI or configuration (i.e. PO document types), etc.