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FM Question

Feb 08, 2017 at 06:40 AM


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Hi ;

a service company with FICO & Logistics want to use FM .Expenses and Revanues plan yearly in excell and during the year control the expenditures befor payment both in FI as well as procurement departments. if the budget is not available the department manager should wait to approve by higher level.

I will appreciate leaders to have relevant points for with regards to PO ,PR and SO ,.... points in addition to posting in GL controlled by FM.

Thanks in advance


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Would you be a bit more specific with your question? There is nothing unusual in implementing FM and managing several approval levels when inscribing the budget. So, what is the doubt exactly?

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Hi Eli ;

Thanks for your comment.

I want to know in advance how system controls

1- logistic processes and what is that points in Logistics.

2-FI Processes manually .

is it control other modules in SAP such as loans we borrowed from the bank

Thanks for your applicable comments.


Well, that's a bit basic. Should you want to see how FM works in terms of integration with MM, FI or other SAP modules, start with on PSM-FM. The information provided there is quite exhaustive for basic understanding of integration points

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Eli Klovski

Hi Friends ;

Thanks for previous replies

Departments have Cost Centers under responsibilities for certain Material , Assets Procurements.Therfore for Material and Assets Central Purchasing for all enterprise are in place.Those budget items is calculated from cost centers responsibles but central purchasing handle purchasing and budget control and inform them consumed budget.

Cost Centers have other Budget rows also which are responsible themselves.

We have Capital Expenditure separate from Current Expenses.They charge to Asset Under Construction.

In terms of SAP , Budget Control is for some purchase material & Assets are executed in PR,Some controlled in PO the rest is controlled in Finance .

I would like to know the configuration steps in SAP for SAP Commitment Items and Fund Centers for above assumptions.




You should always opt for commitment items representing G/Ls and fund centres representing centres of activities, e.g. cost centres.

Other settings, though possible in theory, could become potential obstacle for correct integration of business flows.

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