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May 18, 2016 at 01:29 PM

Unable to activate a procedure which is calling HANA calculation View


Hi Team,

I am facing a strange issue while trying to activate a Procedure which is just calling another HANA Calculation View (Scripted).

Sample code:

When I am trying to activate this procedure it says " Insufficient privilege, not authorized".

It's very obvious that some access is missing don't have any idea why is this the case?

Please Note:

1. I am creating procedure in my Local Schema and _SYS_REPO has complete access to my schema.

2. _SYS_REPO also has all access to underlying schema where tables are stored.

3. MonthlyFlexiTimeSeriesAgg view has no "Analytic privileges" switched on.

4. Also, if I comment the call statement then I am able to activate the procedure.

5. I have also replaced the Calculation view (Line 13) with simple procedure but it still does not work.

6. Also, we have complete custom setup of access rights defined and hence we don't have direct access to execute procedure "GRANT_SCHEMA_PRIVILEGE_ON_ACTIVATED_CONTENT".

Please let me know what is missing here.

Thanks & Regards,



procedureCode.jpg (88.9 kB)