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May 18, 2016 at 12:45 PM

Section not filtering data correctly


I have this strange behaviour in my report.

Please tell me if this is an existing functionality or am I doing something wrong.

Ok, so I have a data say like something below:

Channel Type Qty A 1 12 A 2 11 B 1 29 B 2 49 C 1 2 C 2 10

Now, What I need is that I should only have fetch Type 1 data for A and for the others I pick both the types.

And I need to see total, as well as Type based tables.

I have created a variable like below:

=[Qty]Where([Channel]="A" And [Type]="1")+[Qty]Where([Channel]InList("B";"C"))

This variable works perfectly fine for Total data.

But when I make a section of [Type], I get data like below:

For Section- Type =1

Channel Qty A 12 B 29 C 2

For Section- Type =2

Channel Qty A 12 B 49 C 10

Based on the fact that I have a section, shouldn't the Data for Channel A be Null?

Should the section, not take care of the fact that only Type 2 data should be in section of Type 2?

Note: This gets rectified when I put a filter of type on the individual table, but it doesn't solve my purpose.